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Are You Using Your Garage as a Self-Storage Unit?

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Garbage removal can be time-consuming and tedious if you have a large amount of trash to dispose of. Instead of driving your garbage to the dump yourself, you can hire professionals who will come to your home, load up your garbage, and take it out of the way for you. This service gives you more time to take care of other things that are on your plate in the morning rather than spending 20 minutes cleaning out your garage before driving it to the dump yourself.


You might be thinking, Why would I store anything in my garage?

Well, it could be because your garage is the only place left to store your stuff. Maybe you have so many things that you need more storage space. Or maybe you’re just getting started on organizing and want to make sure everything has its place. Whatever your reason is for storing items in your garage, it’s important to know what storing items in a garage can do to them over time.

Let’s start with the obvious – temperature changes are bad news for stored items. It doesn’t take much for the temperature inside of a closed garage to go from comfortable winter temperatures all the way up into summer sweltering heat or freezing cold temperatures overnight.

The Pros of Storing Items in Your Garage

It’s cheap

you can store items in your garage at no cost.

It’s available

if your garage is accessible, you don’t have to move your car out of the way to get to it.

It’s convenient

storing things in your garage saves you time because you’re only carrying one load inside instead of two.

It’s flexible

if the need arises for self-storage, most garages are big enough for long-term storage needs too.

The Cons of Storing Items in Your Garage

Storing items in your garage can be great for short-term purposes. If you’re storing things that you only need to access every once in a while, it will work perfectly. But if you’re planning on storing anything long-term, it might not be the best idea. The garage is usually very cold in the winter and hot in the summer, which can have adverse effects on your items over time. Plus, there are plenty of insects and rodents that would love to get into your stuff! If you do decide to store things in the garage, make sure that they are sealed tightly and stored up high so nothing can get to them.

The Bottom Line

Your garage is your home’s storage unit. It’s where you store everything from old clothes to tools, to kids’ toys. And while your garage may seem like the perfect spot for storing all of these items, it could be costing you more money than you know.

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