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Making Bike Ride Safe in Pakistan

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One of the biggest fears of motorcycle riders in Pakistan is that of the uneven roads. These roads make a biker’s journey not only difficult, but an adventure that no one asked for. Escaping the potholes by changing lanes only to be shouted at by the driver of any large vehicle creates a frustrating scenario for the bikers as well as car and heavy vehicle drivers. What’s more is that bikers in Pakistan are used to traveling without wearing proper biking gear, partially due to harsh summer temperatures, but also because of lack of motorcycle awareness in Pakistan and how bikers must protect themselves while on the road.

All the popular motorcycle brands in Pakistan such as Atlas Honda or Yamaha, have a diverse bike range to suit all our needs. Even though they are all produced to be the best bikes in the country, a lot of responsibility lies on the biker to control and ride the bike and achieve its full benefits without a hitch. Here we have compiled a list for you to ensure that you are always prepared for a safe bike ride.

Bikers Need Attention on the Road:

A lot of bikers can risk accidents simply because they do not understand the difference of speed and ease of movement between a car and a bike. When a car in front of the biker makes an abrupt turn at the junction, it is the biker who would need to act carefully to save himself from a collision. The car rider may not have seen the bike driver due to a blind spot or could have miscalculated either their own, or the biker’s speed.

This can be remedied with developing a habit of defensive driving. It basically involves mentally preparing oneself for every possibility so that accidents of all kinds can be prevented. Motorcyclists must maintain a constant state of alertness and should mentally disregard any other thoughts except for their driving. This way the motorcyclists can be better prepared to handle most of the unexpected turns with ease.

Appropriate Bikers’ Clothing:

Irrespective of how long or short your trip is, while riding a motorcycle your entire body needs to be protected. Wearing comfortable clothes, such as lounge wear, can may make you feel relaxed while riding your bike, but the downside to this is the amount of injury and burns you may receive in case you fall during your ride. Even the best adventure motorcycle in Pakistan, such as Atlas Honda’s 150, will require you to put safe and protective clothing, as injuries while riding bikes can get serious. In addition to a helmet, a jacket with leather or any strong material to protect your upper body, and jeans for your lower body protection can give you more protection. Furthermore, instead of sandals or slippers, shoes that completely cover your feet must be used.

Safety Limits of Roads

Higher-speed motorcycle riding can be entertaining but also quite dangerous. All the best motorcycles in Pakistan like Atlas Honda or Suzuki boast high-speed bikes. Despite their exceptional speed limit, it is not favorable for a bike rider to aim for high speeds. This is because not all roads, whether main or service lanes in our country permits riding at high speeds. Primarily it is because every road has a set speed restriction that must be adhered to by all motorcyclists in order to maintain safety. A biker must not accelerate his vehicle beyond the recommended speed limit as it can disturb the traffic on the road.

Owing to our country’s infrastructure, you may face a lot of potholes, even on busy roads. There is no need to accelerate up and raise the risk of disaster, especially when we are unfamiliar with the road. This means that biking at high speeds can expose you and your bike to falling down abruptly. An abrupt stop at a fast speed could also result in an unbalanced ride on two wheels. Additionally, performing roadside tricks like wheeling or dragging your motorcycle while making abrupt curves will not impress anyone on the road. Instead, the dense traffic which is right behind you will be disturbed and may even result in collisions.

Avoid Unfavorable Weather

Weather is one factor that you cannot control, no matter which vehicle you are riding. So what you need to do when you are moving to a far-off location is always keep an eye on the weather apps. This will help you avoid any situations and weather conditions that you are unprepared for. For instance, the weather may be fine when you are leaving your house, but when you are making your way back to the house, it may get cold, or it may get even hotter. This can be bad for your bike and for your personal health for several reasons. 

Another situation you need to avoid is travelling in the rain, even when you are riding your bike within the city. Slippery roads can lead to bikes slipping even on the most well-made roads. It is dangerous and difficult to ride a motorcycle in terrible weather. But even if you must ride your bike during rainy weather, you should wait for the downpour to stop and always maintain a slow speed to avoid any bad experience.

These safety precautions listed here can surely make a biker’s journey more enjoyable and less dangerous. All you need to do is ensure your own safety while driving and keep everyone else in a safe area. Observe the rules of the road and permit good traffic flow.

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