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Is Online Doctor Consultation Reliable

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Health emergencies can arise at anytime, anywhere. You may need to see a doctor at midnight, on a weekend, when the clinics are closed. However, this does not mean that you need to wait for treatment while your symptoms may even worsen. You can consult an online doctor. Getting medical advice online by a licensed doctor through chat or video call, etc. on a short notice when you are unable to visit the doctor’s office can save your time and money. It is the most helpful medium in the moments of need. With the Bajaj Finserv Health app you can consult some of the best doctors and receive great medical services. 

Here’s a guide to help you find a reliable online doctor for consultation.  

Step 1: Go Online and Check Offers 

There are several doctors available for e-consultation and you can select to pay a one-time fee, or a monthly or yearly subscription. Once you check out the terms of service and subscription, you can contact the doctor directly through email, chat or call and ask them to share more details.  

Step 2: Check for Insurance Coverage 

Before making your choice concerning an online doctor, check whether it will be covered by your health insurance policy. You can contact your insurance provider, but most new insurance policies will encourage you to use telemedicine as a diagnosis method for minor issues. This allows you to save more money, compared to visiting the doctor’s clinic.  

Step 3: Check the Doctor’s Credentials 

Every licensed doctor has board certifications that are managed and issued by the government. Before booking an appointment you must check out what certifications your online doctor has. This is a very important step to avoid any mistakes while selecting a doctor for online consultation. 

Step 4: Check Your Local Regulations 

You must also check the local laws to see what they say about taking prescriptions from online doctors. You may be given some general health, diet and exercise tips and an online prescription is given at the end of consultation, it may also have medicines prescribed, which can be purchased from online pharmacies itself. You can get an online doctor consultation prescription on the Bajaj Finserv Health app.  

Step 4: Read Patient Reviews 

When choosing an online doctor for consultation, you must go through the patient reviews for that particular doctor. There are several medical forums where you can check out and ask questions to get a more detailed insight into a certain professional. This is a convenient way to check out other patient’s experiences and accept their recommendations.  

Step 5: How to Avoid Scams? 

It is a rule to not believe everything that is on the internet and go ahead and do some fact checking. You are far more likely to be fooled if you’re looking for alternative medicine practitioners online, as they do not have diplomas or certificates provided by the government. You must be very careful and pay close attention to patient reviews when making a decision. 

If you manage to find a reliable and legitimate online doctor you can avoid a visit to the doctor’s clinic for a minor health issue. This process is quite challenging and helps you filter and find the right doctor for you. 

Is online doctor consultation reliable? 

Booking an online doctor consultation is safe and affordable. The Medical Council of India has published guidelines for registered doctors practicing through telemedicine. This ensures that patients get quality care and treatment. Some of the best online doctors are listed in the Bajaj Finserv Health app. You can select the specialists you want to consult, book an appointment by selecting your preferred time and making an online payment. The doctor is intimated and you can get the right medical help as well as a digital prescription, if needed after consultation. 

Your medical history is stored for the doctor’s reference, your privacy is maintained and the doctors are extremely trustworthy. Always make sure to consult an online doctor who has medical expertise, can study your symptoms and advise you virtually on your health condition.  

An online doctor consultation is not only reliable, it also has several advantages like it is less time consuming, cheaper and prompt. You can find doctors including pediatricians, dermatologists, and physiotherapists online. A general physician practicing through telemedicine can diagnose a wide range of conditions.

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