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Office Ally Practice Mate Demo

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Using Office Ally Practice Mate Demo, you can learn how to make the most of your medical records. By understanding how the program works, you can save time and money. You can also easily get the information you need to make the right decision. Using a program like Office Ally, you can be sure that your data is secure.

Payers Supported By Office Ally

Using a free Practice Mate Demo, providers can create and submit claims to more than 5000 payers. It’s a good option for medical practices with limited resources.

With Practice Mate, the medical billing staff can enter charges into the system directly from the scheduler, instead of using a paper ledger. This allows the provider to spend more time caring for their patients. The software is also HIPAA and CAQH CORE(r) certified.

Office Ally Practice Mate is a web-based practice management solution that includes a patient portal, scheduling, and claim processing. It’s designed for small to midsize healthcare offices. Its powerful reporting tool allows users to export reports in PDF or Microsoft Excel. The user can also choose to receive free training and customer support.

With the Office Ally Practice Mate demo, patients can make appointments, request medication refills, and get lab results. The health information company keeps all stakeholders updated, helping to improve patient care.

The product’s reporting section allows providers to search for patients by tax ID, insurance type, and more. The user can even find and report missed or rejected claims. This makes Office Ally an ideal practice management system for both small and midsized practices.

With Practice Mate, you can set up default procedure codes and diagnosis codes for ease of use. You can also customize appointment fields, color-code appointments, and more. In addition, there is a secure messaging feature, enabling patients to communicate with their clinicians.

Office Ally Practice Mate also allows for multiple simultaneous users. It’s a good choice for medical practices that need to scale their accounting and billing processes. It’s also a popular choice for cost-conscious healthcare facilities.

HIPAA Compliance

Whether you are a provider or a patient, you need to be HIPAA compliant. To comply with these regulations, you must keep track of all your clinical processes. You also need to maintain records of your financial processes. You can use practice management software to help you with this. It can reduce your administrative workload and enable ongoing visibility into your efficiency.

Office Ally is a cloud-based platform that helps medical practices streamline their operations. Its Practice Mate module allows you to quickly access your patient’s medical records. It is easy to use and provides excellent customer service. You can also download a free demo to evaluate the features of the product.

Among its features, the Practice Mate module includes the ability to build extensive reports. You can export them in PDF or Microsoft Excel. There is also an online patient portal. You can make appointments, request labs, and check insurance coverage. Its secure messaging feature keeps all your communications confidential. You can also send remittances and print receipts.

When using this software, you can search for your patients by name, tax ID, or insurance type. You can see a list of your patients and the appointment requests they have made. You can also add notes and color-coded time slots.

You can also upload sound files to your charts. You can also integrate your Office Ally software with Dragon or other dictation platforms. You can also use a free claim submission tool to submit claims to more than 5,000 insurance companies. You can also export comprehensive reports in different formats.

You can also send automated emails to your patients. It supports Apple and Android devices. You can also process payments and edit appointments.

EHR Certifications

Founded in 2000, Office Ally is a health technology company that offers a variety of products and services for medical practices like Chirotouch EMR. These solutions include EHR, practice management, and practice automation. They are designed to improve efficiency and increase the quality of patient care. The company is HIPAA-compliant and CAQH-CORE(r) certified.

One of Office Ally’s products is the Practice Mate software. This cloud-based software allows medical practitioners to schedule appointments and send claims to more than 5000 insurance companies. It also includes a patient portal for patients to manage their own records. It is an excellent tool for smaller to mid-sized practices.

Office Ally’s Practice Mate software is free to use. The program enables users to schedule appointments, create billing statements, and add notes. It also provides users with reporting tools to produce extensive summary reports. The software is integrated with the Office Ally EHR.

Another great feature of Office Ally’s products is their ability to integrate with various dictation platforms. These can be used to place audio notes with patient information. They can also be attached to a chart. The software offers a simple interface and makes data entry quick and easy.

The company has a customer service department available around the clock. They offer 24/7 technical support, training, and a troubleshooting wizard. They also have a referral program for existing users. They offer a wide range of products for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription.

The company is also known for its clearinghouse. They process claims for providers and alert them of any errors. They also maximize the chances of reimbursement. This means that there is no need to spend time on paperwork.


Whether you are a small or mid-sized practice, Office Ally Practice Mate can help streamline your administrative clinical process and manage payment. It provides a free, web-based solution for practice management and billing. It offers an EHR module, a secure patient portal, and reports.

It is full-featured software, which can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device. It offers remote access to patient records and reports, and it has an all-inclusive platform for independent medical practices. The product is HITRUST CSF certificated, certified to meaningful use requirements, and has been evaluated for Maryland Health Care Commission certification.

The user-friendly interface of the product helps providers save time and effort. It also offers integration features with other patient management systems. This software includes a patient portal that allows patients to request refills, pay bills, and check their lab results. The software is also equipped with secure messaging.

The Office Ally Practice Mate software has been designed to support multiple concurrent users. It offers a scalable reporting system and a patient scheduler that can be customized to suit your specific practice needs. The application has an easy-to-read lab interface and allows you to enter demographic information for each patient. It also has columns for notes and resources. The software also helps in generating CPT and PPT codes from soap notes.

The software is free and offers a robust set of clinical tools, as well as an EHR module. The company is backed by a customer support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also sign up for a free demo to test out the features. Moreover, it is possible to add more features to the software with a paid version.


Whether you are considering Office Ally Practice Mate as your new EHR, or you just want to see how this free software works, you can try the demo version. You can schedule a demo one-on-one, or you can watch the demo online as a webinar.

The Office Ally Practice Mate demo has some nice features, including a secure messaging tool, which allows you to communicate securely with your patients. It also allows you to check on lab results and confirm your insurance coverage. It’s easy to use and has an interface that is intuitive to navigate.

Another useful feature of the Practice Mate is the patient portal, which integrates directly with Office Ally. The portal allows you to create customized appointment fields, customize colors, and generate a list of appointments. You can also add notes to the patient’s account.

You can search for your patients by tax ID or by insurance type. It’s a great way to streamline your practice and allow your patients to acquire health information easily. It also lets you view and print statements.

Office Ally’s practice management is a cloud-based solution that offers you reporting, scheduling, and HIPAA compliance. It’s a great choice for healthcare providers that are budget-conscious. You can also choose to pay a monthly fee for the service.

Having a single clearinghouse for all your claims is convenient. It’s a good idea to compare quotes from other EHRs. You can also take advantage of their support files, which can be imported from other software.

There are some downsides to using Practice Mate, though. The support can be slow to respond, and the software is not well-suited for a large practice.

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