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The Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius is up for approval by town leaders



When completed, Atrium Health‘s $200 million hospital project in Cornelius will include 480 beds and 120 employees. The hospital project has been up for approval by town leaders, and after receiving the necessary permits, construction is set to commence.

care system that operates over 100 facilities across the United States. The Cornelius hospital will be the company’s tenth facility in North Carolina, and it will join other hospitals in Charlotte and Raleigh. This new facility was first proposed in 2007 and has faced setbacks due to the recession and competition from costlier regional hospitals. 

However, with recent healthcare reforms now underway,

Atrium Health

believes its Cornelius hospital project is ready for takeoff.


The hospital will feature state-of-the-art technology and amenities, including a trauma center, an outpatient center, a maternity ward, a psychiatric clinic, and a cardiac rehabilitation center. The project is also expected to create more than 120 jobs upon completion.

The hospital project in Cornelius is up for approval by town leaders

Doctors and nurses working at the Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius are looking forward to receiving final approvals from town leaders so they can move ahead with construction. A town meeting is scheduled for July 11th to receive presentations from the contractor, architects, and engineers on the $37 Million dollar project. The hospital will employ 100 medical professionals when it opens next year and attract patients from throughout NC.

This story talks about how the Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius is up for approval by town leaders. This project includes the construction of a new hospital, which will employ around 150 people. Leaders from the town have been meeting with officials from the company to get their approval for the project and so far everything looks good. The Town Council will vote on whether or not to allow the construction to continue once all the necessary approvals are in place.

After months of negotiation and community engagement, the Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius is finally up for approval by town leaders.


The $100 million hospital project has been through numerous hurdles since it was initially proposed back in early 2018. The process of obtaining approvals from the town council has been lengthy but necessary in order to ensure the safety and well-being of both the residents and employees of the hospital.

According to Atrium Health spokesperson Stacey Grabar, “We are cautiously optimistic that this last potential roadblock will be resolved satisfactorily and that construction can start next year as planned.”

Members of the Cornelius community have voiced their concerns about traffic congestion, noise pollution, and other impacts the hospital could have on their lives. But despite these protests, it seems as though the town council is supportive of the project and is willing to work with Atrium Health to ensure everyone is happy with the end result.

  • The Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius is up for approval by town leaders
  • Atrium Health hospital project to bring jobs and medical services to Cornelius
  • Locals look forward to the arrival of Atrium Health in Cornelius
  • Project timeline and what is still needed from town leaders
  • What happens next with Atrium Health’s project in Cornelius?
  • Project Atrium Health is a $10 million dollar hospital project that will be located in Cornelius, NC
  • Town leaders are currently working on the approvals needed to get the project moving forward
  • The expected completion date for the project is winter 2020
  • Project Atrium Health will bring 300 new jobs to Cornelius and 23 new healthcare jobs
  • The hospital will have a 130-bed tower surgery facility, a 140-bed ICU, a 40-bed psychiatric unit, and 26 obstetrical beds
  • It is projected that with the completion of Project Atrium Health, Cornelius will have the largest healthcare complex in Rutherford County
  • Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius up for approval by town leaders

What the Cornelius town leaders are considering when it comes to the Atrium Health hospital project WhatCornelius residents want to know about the Atrium Health hospital project

The progress of the Atrium Health hospital project

in Cornelius is up for approval by town leaders.


This is a project that will be bringing a brand new hospital to the town of Cornelius. The aim of this hospital is to provide medical services to the surrounding communities. It is expected that this will create many jobs in the town and boost the economy.

The project has already received many approvals and it is now waiting for final approvals from the town leaders. Once these are granted, construction will start on the hospital.

The Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius is up for approval by town leaders

After several months of preparation, the Atrium Health hospital project in Cornelius is scheduled to receive final approval from town leaders. The $100 million dollar facility will provide much-needed health care services for the growing community of Cornelius.

While the process has been lengthy, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a critical project for growth of Cornelius. The hospital will create jobs and help revitalize the economy in an area that desperately needs it. It’s also great news for the residents who will be able to access high-quality medical care without having to travel long distances.


 We can’t wait to see the final result of this incredible venture!

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