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How Donuts Are a Lot Like Fashion, Really

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for fashion, especially if it makes me look good or helps me express myself. So when I saw this article (source), I was really intrigued. Many people feel the same way – they love making a good-looking outfit even if it doesn’t fit their personality.

And what exactly do you think goes together? According to a poll, here’s a list of items people said to go together perfectly:

• A pair of skinny jeans
• A T-shirt
• Shoes
• A purse
• A jacket
• A sweater
• A scarf or tie
• An umbrella
• A dress
• A blazer
• A suit
• Pants

Both Donuts and fashion have been around for decades.

Both Donuts and Fashion start with trends.

Both fashion and donuts have their own unique flavors.

Both fashion and donut companies want people to buy them.

Both fashion and donate companies make money off of selling items.

Both fashion and donute dominate what we wear based on current societal events.

Both fashion and donates are fun but sometimes expensive.

Both fashion and dance trends change over time.

No matter how much money you spend on donuts, they’re still just food!

Both fashion and donate not last forever.

Both fashion and donation often evolve over time.

Both fashion and donation can look silly at times.

Both fashion and donation some times have connotations of politics.

Both fashion and donutersug gest ways to live our lives.

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