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Why Do Pakistani Students Choose To Study In Canada?

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Are you know, Why students choose to study in Canada as their dream place? Since Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world and has the greatest youth population, studying abroad is increasingly becoming a goal for many applicants. A little over half of the population is under 25 years old, which suggests that a sizable fraction of the population is studying abroad. The tendency of Pakistani students to study abroad is growing among young people. More than 10,000 Pakistani students successfully get study abroad visas to further their education in various nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Most of them choose different Pakistani study abroad consultant as their route to international studies.

Benefits Of Pakistani Students Choose To Study In Canada?

There are many reasons and top benefits of studying in Canada:

  1. Academic Performances

Due to the fact that education is a provincial responsibility, All Canadian local governments, regardless of which type of institute, ensure that education remains high. You can choose from many universities depending on your qualifications to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Choose from various advanced diplomas and post-graduate degrees at Canadian universities if you’re seeking a quicker and more relevant path to developing the skills you need to get employment. 

  1. Safe And Peaceful Living Conditions

Canada has been considered one of the most secure countries in the world. In 2022, Canada was ranked third by the Global Peace Index as the most peaceful country in the world. You will be entitled to the same rights as other Canadians as an international student. You will have access to high-quality medical care and a top-notch education system.

  1. Affordable

Canadian colleges’ tuition is less expensive than those in another well-known study-abroad country, and given the fantastic prospects for part- and full-time employment, it is a lovely alternative for Pakistani students. Qualified students may also be eligible for scholarships to lower tuition costs.

  1. Immigration Opportunities

International students become future Canadians since they live in Canada for an extended time period. While at university, they have much time to adapt to Canadian culture. They also have up to four years to study Canadian workplace culture and how to succeed. If they decide to move permanently to Canada, IRCC gives them a platform.

  1. Focus On Skill Development

All of us can agree that a high-quality education is more than what we learn in class. It also affects our readiness for everyday life. Canada offers a beautiful system of cooperative work to address this issue. Co-op is a program that offers students the chance to work in their chosen industry while still in university. Engineering students can work in an engineering company while still in university. The early exposure of students to the workplace helps instill discipline and prepares them for the real world. The average co-op lasts for four months. Students who enroll in a four-year degree program with co-op have the opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience.

  1. Earn While You Learn

Students are permitted to work part-time, on campus or off, for around 20 hours a week in addition to the co-op. Depending on the time duration of the program, they may also apply for a post-study work permit valid for up to three years. Refer to the IRCC website for more information.


Since Canada offers top-notch education, post-graduate prospects, and permanent residency for international students, most Pakistani students choose it as their country of study. Now you know about who is the best study abroad consultant in Karachi. In addition, the Canadian government offers financial aid and scholarships to help students. Numerous prestigious universities, including the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, York University, and the University of Waterloo, are located in Canada.

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