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How to synthesize keys from LOL loot key fragments

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Many friends do not know how to synthesize keys from loot loot key fragments. Today I will share this method with you, hoping to help everyone!


  • GIGABYTE H310M H 2.0 Desktop PC
  • Windows7
  • We Game
  • lol


  1. First, we open We Game and log in to our own account.
  2. Select a large area and start the LOL game.
  3. After entering the main interface of LOL, we click on the loot option in the upper right corner.
  4. After entering the loot option, we click on the key fragments, and it shows that I have 4 key fragments, and three key fragments can be synthesized into a complete key
  5. We can synthesize it by clicking. At this time, a synthesizer appears on the left side. We can consume key fragments to synthesize keys by clicking Fusion.
  6. At this point our complete key has been synthesized. Click Add to Loot to have this key. Save with GameByte Discount Code


  • Tips: I hope it can help everyone!
  • The key can open the treasure chest in the loot, and can open the skin or the fragments of the hero.

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What to do if the motorcycle key is lost, there is no spare key

You can find a professional lock unlocking company to unlock, and then go to the store to prepare a new key. Need to provide relevant supporting documents, such as ID card, driving license. Look Fantastic Discount Code NHS


  1. If you do not have a driving license, you need to go to the police station for filing. Once the car key is found lost, even if a new key has been prepared, still be careful not to store valuables in the car. When a new car leaves the factory, it will generally be equipped with 2 to 3 keys.
  2. At the same time, each new car has a key anti-theft code configured with the car. If a key is equipped, the store can query the anti-theft code of the configured key through the database according to the vehicle owner’s driving license and ID card provided by the car owner. After obtaining this code, the store Here, the owner needs to provide the key tooth shape number to configure a new metal key.
  3. If you lose your car keys, you can still call 110 or 114. If you call for help at 110 or 114, you will be transferred to the corresponding linkage center to notify the nearby or on-duty lock unlocking and matching service company.
  4. Immediately a professional got in touch with the owner to help solve the problem. However, in 110 and 114, there are many lock service companies linked, not all of them can solve the problem, only a few are more professional.

How to deal with the broken key

Have you ever understood how to deal with the broken key? Today, I will show you some tips about how to deal with broken keys.

  • hot melt adhesive
  • lighter
  1. First, we prepare a piece of hot melt glue and heat one end with a lighter.
  2. Then, we apply hot melt glue to the broken part of the key head, and stick it to the original position of the keyhole.
  3. Finally, we wait for the hot melt glue to cool down, and then pull it out slowly.

What to do if the car key is lost (no spare key)

In life, it is inevitable that there will be times when things are lost. If you accidentally lose the small car key (there is no spare key), and the car will not start, what should you do? Let’s talk about this topic with friends.

  1. If the car key is lost, please judge the person to call for help according to the actual condition of your car key. You can go to a 4S shop or go to auto parts city for rescue.
  2. A mechanical key similar to this can just call the auto parts city directly, which can save costs and time. 22nd Birthday Ideas
  3. At the same time, for the sake of safety, it is best to ask friends with conditions to replace the whole car lock directly, in case of accidents
  4. Similar to this electronic chip key, please go directly to the 4S store for help, because it needs to connect the vehicle frame number with the manufacturer’s central database through a special diagnostic instrument, match the anti-theft system components of the key, and customize a new key.

What should I do if the key is out of power Detailed solution to key failure

The configuration of today’s cars is not what it used to be, but sometimes these “high-tech” configurations can also cause headaches. While convenient, there are also some small hidden dangers, such as what to do if the sensor key fails? Today we will explain in detail Take a look at the details. The configuration of today’s cars is not what it used to be, but sometimes these “high-tech” configurations can also cause headaches. While convenient, there are also some small hidden dangers, such as what to do if the sensor key fails? Today we will explain in detail. Take a look at the details.

Open The Door

How to open the car door if the induction key fails

The induction key fails and the door cannot be opened. There are two possibilities. The first is that the battery of the car is dead, and the second is that the key is dead. At this time, no matter how to deal with or repair it later, we need to use a spare mechanical key to open the door. I asked some car owners who have the configuration of the sensor key, and not everyone knows how to open the door in this situation. Matalan Discount Code NHS

Spare Mechanical key Type

Generally speaking, there are two types of keys with induction functions: 1. Conventional folding mechanical keys; 2. Hidden mechanical keys. If it is a conventional folding key, you can open the door directly by turning on the mechanical key when there is no electricity; if it is hidden, we need to find the mechanical key. Generally speaking, the mechanical spare key is hidden in the main key, which cannot be seen normally and needs to be used. It can be used as a conventional mechanical key to open the door by pulling it out at any time. However, the mechanical key can usually only open one door of the driver’s seat, while the other doors need to be manually opened in the car. 144HZ Laptop

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