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Sony’s controversial new PS5 and PS4 “loyalty program” rolls out soon

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Sony’s controversial new PS5 console will roll out soon, according to reports. The company has been criticized after revealing its plans to introduce a loyalty scheme called PlayStation Plus. It means gamers who buy games online will have to pay £59.99 a year if they want access to exclusive titles. But some people think the move could put off potential customers. And now Sony has confirmed the launch date – November 10th.

The firm said the new system would start rolling out to users around the world over the coming weeks. A statement read: “PlayStation 5 launches worldwide on 11/10.”But it added that players would not need to sign-up for the new service until later in 2019. The news comes just days after Sony announced that it was cutting prices on older models of the PS4.
It slashed the price of the machine by £50 to £199.

And it also revealed that it had sold more than 100 million units since launching in 2013. In total, Sony says it has sold more than 200 million consoles worldwide. The firm has also launched a new website dedicated to the PS5. It features information about the upcoming device, including details about how much it will cost.

  • Sony’s controversial new PS5, and PS4 loyalty program launches on September 2nd

The much-anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5), due to launch later this year, will feature some sort of ‘loyalty’ scheme according to reports. According to a report published by Kotaku, Sony’s upcoming console will require players to earn points called ‘Play Points’ to access certain features and play online multiplayer games.

  • What are Play Points?

Play Points are earned by users who log into their account regularly, play games on the PS4, or download apps and use features on the device. You’ll need to earn 100 points per month to unlock any special features on PS5, which could include being able to use a headset, streaming content, or even playing online multiplayer games without having to pay extra for them.

  • Why does Sony want you to pay for these things?

It makes sense that Sony would introduce a loyalty scheme for its customers – after all, how many people have bought the PS5 yet? However, some fans have expressed concern over the fact that they won’t be given enough information about what exactly the system entails. In particular, the fact that it might not be possible to choose whether or not you want to participate in the scheme, and the way that the system will work means that regular PS4 owners may end up paying more than if they had bought the PS5 outright.

  • Will I get charged for using special features?

According to the report, Play Points will only apply to features that aren’t already included with the PS4 and are likely to be priced at $69.99/£59.99/$89.99. That’s around £10 cheaper than buying the PS5 with the standard package of features.

  • Can I just buy the hardware then?’

No, you cannot. The ‘Play Points’ scheme applies to both the PS4 and the PS5. If you don’t sign up, you’ll still be able to use the PS4 and its features as normal, but won’t be able to access those same features if you do decide to upgrade to the PS5 later down the line.

  • How does the system work?

The scheme appears to be built around a monthly payment plan. Once you’ve paid for your first month, you’re good to go. As long as you keep making payments, you’ll be able to use the features on the PS5. However, you can stop making payments at any time.

  • When does the scheme start?

The PlayStation 5 and its loyalty scheme kick off on September 2nd.
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