Online Sports ID has become the favourite pastime of millions of players worldwide. It has been taking place for thousands of years now and has been prevalent in different countries. Talking about India, the gambling industry saw some massive transformation over the years.

From Casinos to Online Sports Gambling, India’s gaming industry is on ascent. The country has seen a substantial rise in the number of gambling games over the last few decades. The entire local gambling industry is worth around $1 billion.

As per the experts report, you can expect this value to rise over $112 Billion in the upcoming four years. These numbers are making the country an area of interest for many gambling companies.

Online Casino Games are trending in the Online Gambling Market. But one game that surpasses all is Online Sports Gambling Games. The nation’s immense love for Cricket and Football has led to the rise of these betting games in India.

But the major concern of all the players, “IS ONLINE GAMBLING LEGAL IN INDIA?”

While the scenario for this question in India is a little complicated. That is because India has 27 autonomous states, which leads to different legal status of this industry vary among different states. So, the gambling industry here has been regulated both on national as well as on state levels.

There are several legal websites which provide you a huge platform to play your favourite game. TigerExch is one of the best sites which is fully authorised and falls under The Public Gaming Act of 1867. Here you can avail a wide range of bonuses, unique Cricket ID, best customer service and many more.



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